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Contact Turner Asphalt to request a quoteSealcoating is the prime deterrent to asphalt deterioration. Turner Asphalt applies at least two coats of quality sealant to ensure proper asphalt pavement maintenance.  Sealcoating on a preventative maintenance schedule (every few years) will reduce pavement deterioration and more than double the life of asphalt pavement.  The life of asphalt pavement sealcoating is very cost effective when expertly applied.

In addition, sealcoat:
  • Improves appearance and property value/leasibility. The dark black color makes it look and wear like new.
  • Sealcoat_photo_12.gifSlows oxidation and inhibits water penetration. Without sealcoating, the oxidation process turns the pavement from black to gray as it continues to weaken the asphalt bonding. As the asphalt loses its strength more reveling and cracking takes place. The cracking leads to more surface deterioration and larger problem areas develop as the sub-grade is destroyed.
  • Resists gas and oil spills. Without adequate sealcoating those spills will soften and break down asphalt pavement.
  • Reduces the effect of winter freezing and thawing and provides additional waterproofing capability. The blacker it is the more heat it draws from the Sun and being more pliable it can withstand winter traffic conditions without cracking.
In order for sealcoating to do a proper job, all structural failures or cracks must be repaired prior to applying the seal. A quality sealcoat will preserve asphalt and extent life for just pennies per square foot.

The process:

  • Sealcoat_photo_16.gifWe thoroughly clean the surface of the asphalt pavement with power blowers and stiff brooms;
  • Apply a customized coal tar sealcoat using additives designed specifically for the North Carolina climate, temperature and conditions using machine spray equipment;
  • Add 3 to 4 pounds of sand - per gallon of sealant - to reduce slipping and enhance ware;
  • Advise our customers that sealcoating is appropriate and never meant to replace asphalt – repaving; and,  
  • Re-stripe and re-mark the pavement and ensure ADA compliance.
For more information click on the contact us at the top ot this page.

Before Sealcoating by Turner Asphalt After Sealcoating by Turner Asphalt

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