Wilmington, NC is one of North Carolina’s most well-known coastal cities. Its highly sought out beaches and the presence of the prestigious University of North Carolina at Wilmington make it a destination for locals and visitors alike. As a result the city sees a heavy amount of traffic. This, combined with the rain and wind Wilmington experiences during hurricane season each year poses a mild threat to the integrity of local asphalt, roads, and pavement. The Turner Asphalt team at the Wilmington location is prepared to provide this wonderful city with state-of-the-art paving services, repair services, and more. To learn more about our region-leading services, call us today at 877-887-6372.

Paving Services

Turner Asphalt offers a number of paving services, including:

Markings & Coatings

Once a pavement job is complete, Turner then puts the finishing touches on the job by adding markings and coatings, including:

  • Sealcoating should be performed on asphalt every few years to prevent deterioration.
  • Specialty coating can add strength or specialized pavement options.
  • Pavement markings are added to comply with regulations or customer needs.


Turner Asphalt does not just manage new paving jobs. We also revisit older jobs, of our own and others, to repair damage and deterioration with services like:

Turner Asphalt is Wilmington, NC’s Premier Pavement Contractor

Not sure what the next step is in your paving job research? As trusted paving job contractors in Wilmington, Turner Asphalt is familiar with and proudly operates in your communities. Even if you don’t live in Wilmington proper, we offer our services to surrounding areas.

We pave, coat, mark and repair pavement of all kinds at the highest standard. Call us today at 877-887-6372 to learn more about how our expert paving team can serve you.