Our mission at Turner Asphalt is simple: We want to deliver high-quality paving services at competitive prices.

There are many moving parts in road construction and other paving-related projects which can make this industry difficult to predict. Turner Asphalt makes every effort to bring all these complex elements under our control so we can consistently produce work that is of superb quality and delivered without delay or surprises.

Evidence of the successes of our management style can be seen across the southern Atlantic states, including Virginia, the Carolinas, Georgia, Tennessee and Florida.

Protecting Our Customer’s Investment

Some paving companies are out to nickel and dime their customers for their projects. At Turner Asphalt, we understand that building roads and completing other paving projects require a financial investment and significant trust from our customers, and we never shrug that responsibility off.

Every cent entrusted to us by a customer is given the respect it’s due. We take the faith placed in us very seriously and we, as a company, are always dedicated to living up to those expectations through integrity and hard work.

Building on a Strong Foundation

Part of delivering a high-quality product is focusing on the fundamentals. In paving, the sub-grade level is the layer that all others rest and rely on. One can think of the actual pavement on the top as the roof of the house. A house with a beautiful roof but a crumbling foundation will not last long. Turner Asphalt always focuses on the areas that, although not seen in the final product, are key to the surface’s longevity.

Providing a Great Work Environment for Employees

We know that in order to create the best end product for our customers, we need to work with the folks who are most dedicated to the process, and to the craft of paving. By choosing the best team members out there and pledging our loyalty to their careers and skills, Turner Asphalt continually seeks to provide a fulfilling and engaging environment for our employees. Just like with our company mission of high-quality work and competitive prices, we want our company to be a high-quality place to work with competitive salary and benefits.

See the Turner Asphalt employment page for details or call 877-887-6372 for more information about our services or employment.