Markings & Coatings

Turner Asphalt provides full-service pavement construction, maintenance and repair throughout the Carolinas, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee and Florida. Our attention to detail means we take pride in the finishing touches like the markings and coatings applied to pavement.

Turner Asphalt Services Sealcoating


A sealcoat is the main protection for asphalt, extending its life and strengthening its integrity. Every few years, a tar is applied to the surface after cracks and chips are smoothed. This process not only doubles the life of the asphalt pavement, it brings its appearance back to a fresh black.

Specialty coating service

Specialty Coatings

In addition to the sealcoats, other pavement surfaces need coating for various reasons. There are weather-related coatings and coatings meant to protect brick pavement or cement. Each is also specialized to the local climate.

Turner Asphalt Pavement Markings

Pavement Markings

In order to make a parking lot, road or walkway safe and orderly, pavement markings are necessary. Messages about speed, warnings about the presence of hazards, directions on when and where to park and much more are painted over the pavement in a clear, professional manner.

Turner Asphalt Snow

Snow Plowing & Ice Management

While it is not a permanent coating, applying sand and salt to paved surfaces during periods of snow and ice protects those traveling in the area. We also provide snow plowing and other services to maintain pavement and enhance safety during inclement weather.

Turner Asphalt provides professional marking and coating for paved surfaces

From Florida, through Georgia and the Carolinas, north into Virginia and west to Tennessee, Turner Asphalt serves the greater southeastern Atlantic with pavement maintenance and repair. If your organization needs a full pavement job that includes marking and coating, or if you just need marking and coating on an existing surface, Turner Asphalt can help.

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