Crack Filling

Turner Asphalt fills cracks in pavement to prevent further surface degradation. We perform this service to those in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, and Florida. The appearance and lifespan of a paved surface are greatly affected by cracks, so professional repair is necessary for ongoing maintenance.
crack filling for asphalt and concrete

The Problem Posed by Cracks in Pavement

While cracks may seem insignificant, most problems with pavement integrity start with small cracks. In areas with colder winters, like our customers in the southern Appalachians, moisture on the surface will expand when frozen and push asphalt or concrete apart as it does so. Other times, heat may dry out the pavement and wear and tear from heavy use may lead to the formation of cracks.

Once a crack is in place, it will only expand if left alone and water continues to enter and weaken the area. The crack then widens, lengthens, and threatens the overall stability of the surface.

asphalt crack filling services

Crack Filling as a Solution

Cracks can be filled or sealed, depending on the severity of the problem. These are two methods of filling the space and re-integrating the area to the surrounding pavement. When done properly, this can be seen as a permanent solution relative to the life of the entire paved surface.

Turner Asphalt Can Fill Cracks to Restore Strength & Appearance to Pavement

While there are some DIY crack filling supplies at home improvement stores, without professional assistance and knowledge of the extent of the issue, the problem is likely to recur. Instead, it’s wise to contact an experienced pavement contractor like Turner Asphalt. We can fully diagnose and repair any cracks found on your paved surface.

For crack filling and other paving projects across the Southeast US, including the Carolinas, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, and Florida, give Turner Asphalt a call at 877-887-6372.