Asphalt Paving in Charlotte, NC

Turner Asphalt is the premier paving company in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas. Our paving professionals construct, repair, and manage a variety of paved surfaces. Our work is among the best in the area and we take great pride in our work. We serve both residential and commercial clients with a wide variety of jobs, from full parking lot construction to repairs in your driveway.

Some services we offer include:

When you want the best asphalt paving in Charlotte, NC, you need Turner Asphalt. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

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Milling & Reclamation

Turner Asphalt Reclamation

For an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient way of giving a paved area a facelift, milling and reclamation is an excellent option.

Milling, while giving your asphalt surface a fresh look, can help increase the stability. If the underlying sub-grade is strong, but the surface is showing signs of wear, your project is a good candidate for milling. Reclamation is appropriate when not only the surface but also the base course has been compromised.

While not every surface can be saved with these methods, our professional pavers can help you make the decision.

We provide this service for:

  • Road resurfacing preparation
  • Parking lots
  • Full or partial depth patching
  • Perimeter transitions to integrate new pavement with old

Here at Turner Asphalt, we have a fleet of high-quality milling machines ready to be leased by the day and trained staff ready to operate them!

Soil Stabilization

If you’re looking for an economical and environmentally friendly way to prepare a paving site, soil stabilization is a perfect choice. Our paving experts recommend soil stabilization to create a stable sub-grade for paving jobs.

There are multiple techniques that can be used in soil stabilization and our team is well-versed in them all— but the end goal is always the same! We want to make sure the existing soil on the site can better withstand both weight and pressure.

Concrete & Curbing

Turner Asphalt Concrete Stairs

Concrete is an ideal solution or substitute for use in areas that require more strength than is provided by asphalt. These projects can include:

  • Driveways– to make driveways longer-lasting and more durable, we use concrete.
  • Sidewalks– in a high-traffic area such as sidewalks, a concrete base can help last longer with less upkeep and repairs needed!
  • Curbs & gutters– concrete curbs and gutters create a solid border for pavers to lay down the road surface.
  • Dumpster pads & loading docks– concrete is a strong material that will give these high-traffic and high-impact areas extra strength.
  • Stairs & breezeways– with a lot of foot traffic from people passing through, stairs and breezeways can ensure these areas are long-lasting and enduring.

Trust the experts at Turner Asphalt to complete your job quickly and without error!

Draining and Utilities

A major part of any paving project is making sure there’s proper drainage— and the paving contractors at Turner Asphalt are experts at ensuring proper drainage! Additionally, we consider all utilities and working within their confines to ensure they interact with the site properly.

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Paving Services

Turner Asphalt offers a number of paving services, including:

Markings & Coatings

Once a pavement job is complete, Turner then puts the finishing touches on the job by adding markings and coatings, including:

  • Sealcoating should be performed on asphalt every few years to prevent deterioration.
  • Specialty coating can add strength or specialized pavement options.
  • Pavement markings are added to comply with regulations or customer needs.


Turner Asphalt does not just manage new paving jobs. We also revisit older jobs, of our own and others, to repair damage and deterioration with services like:

Turner Asphalt is paving the way for Charlotte’s growth

Many areas that were fairly rural until recently are seeing a lot of activity. Gastonia, Concord, the Lake Norman area, Matthews, Mint Hill, Pineville, Huntersville and even across the border into Fort Mill and Rock Hill, SC, are growing due to their proximity to Charlotte.

We have an office and operational presence in the area and are here to stay. Call us at 877-887-6372 to discuss any of our paving services and how we can assist you.