Soil Stabilization

Soil stabilization is a method of preparing a paving site that is economical, environmentally-friendly and effective. Turner Asphalt often recommends soil stabilization in order to create a stable sub-grade for paving jobs.

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How Is Soil Stabilization Accomplished?

There are multiple soil stabilization techniques, like lime soil stabilization and cement soil stabilization, but the end goal is to make the existing soil on the site better able to withstand weight and pressure. The soil should become dry and solidify during the stabilization process to allow for the paving process to proceed without a hitch.

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Benefits of Soil Stabilization

Paving costs often increase due to regulations and material price fluctuation. Focusing on cost-saving methods like soil stabilization can be a great way to come in under budget. The reason this method can save money is it eliminates the need to haul away existing soil and rebuild the sub-grade. This can also alleviate environmental concerns since there are fewer trucks coming in and out and less original material needed.

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Soil Stabilization as a Finished Product

The process described above was for stabilization that prepares a stable base for a road, but there are other uses for soil stabilization. Some surfaces are now constructed entirely of stabilized native soil. The soil is hardened with the same processes and then used for pedestrian and vehicular traffic on trails, roads, and parking lots. This is now seen as a more “green” method of making a low-impact road through rugged terrain, for example.

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