Pavement Striping, Markings & Repairs

Pavement is simply the outermost layer of a hard surface, not unlike the enamel on teeth. If this layer is not protected, the entire structure can be compromised. To avoid this, sealcoats should be applied every few years and any damage should be quickly repaired. Water and chemicals can penetrate if given the chance and cause damage to the sub-grade when pavement is allowed to fail. A damaged sub-grade will, in turn, cause even more damage to the pavement as it shifts beneath it. Over time pavement will eventually need to be replaced even if it is well cared for.

Turner Asphalt specializes in pavement striping, markings, and repairs all across the Southeast, including North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee and Florida.

asphalt repair services

Asphalt Repair

When pavement is damaged, it should be fixed immediately before the problem spreads. Turner Asphalt follows best practices of our industry to professionally and efficiently repair a problem area of pavement.

This process begins as we saw-cut the perimeters of the deteriorated section of asphalt precisely to a pre-specified depth (depending upon the thickness of the original pavement, binder and stone). We then excavate the patch area and remove any asphalt and unsuitable sub-grade material from the site. When the area is clear of the old asphalt, we then re-compact the existing stone base to ensure a solid foundation for the repair. New stone is also added as necessary and a tack coat is applied to all edges to ensure the proper binding of the old and new asphalt. Lastly, we layer the new asphalt into the patch and ensure (heavy roller) compaction. Proper compaction removes air pockets, excessive moisture and ensures a smooth repair.

asphalt resurfacing project

Asphalt Resurfacing

Another option for pavement that is not quite as degraded is resurfacing. It is an alternative to the removing and repair process described above. The determining factor is always the current condition of the pavement in question. If it is too heavily cracked and torn, the pavement will not be a good candidate for resurfacing. However, if the sub-grade and asphalt layers are still largely intact the pavement may be deemed suitable for resurfacing.

chip and seal pavement

Chip & Seal (BST)

The chip and seal process is another paving service we provide. First, we clean the area and remove all accumulated debris. Then we will apply a heavy tack coat to the area to be resurfaced and follow the tack with a layer of fine stone. This fills the existing cracks and voids. After removing the excess stone from this process, we apply a layer of hot asphalt to the pre-specified depth and finish by rolling the area for compaction and smoothness.

asphalt overlay and striping

Asphalt Overlay & Striping

An asphalt overlay may be considered if the pavement and sub-grade are in relatively good condition. For this overlay, we will begin by cleaning the area and removing all debris. Then we apply a heavy tack coat to the surface to be overlaid and follow the tack with a layer of asphalt. This is applied to the specified depth and finish by rolling the area for compaction and smoothness.

Speed Bumps, Speed Humps & Ramps

Many projects require ramps and speed bumps or humps to be part of the design. In keeping with our full-service philosophy, Turner Asphalt is happy to install these items according to the customer’s needs in a way that enhances the safety of their property and meets ADA requirements.

In reference to all of the above, protect new asphalt pavement by applying a quality sealcoat after a curing period of six months to one year.

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