Utility & Storm Drain Cleaning and Repair

Turner Asphalt is a full service paving contractor and experts in the utility and storm drain cleaning and repair. We know that a major part of many paving jobs is making sure there is proper drainage for every project. Additionally, all utilities are considered and we work within their confines to ensure they interact with the site appropriately. All elements of these utility and drain issues can be trusted to Turner Asphalt for customers in the Carolinas, Virginia, Georgia, Florida and Tennessee.

sewer and storm drain repair

Sewer & Storm Drain Repair

Rain runoff can make pedestrian and motor vehicle traffic unsafe if it is not draining efficiently. In addition, improper drainage will shorten the life of the road as water finds and expands cracks in the surface. Grading effectively is also an important part of this process. Having a professional team like Turner Asphalt install the sewers, catch basins, and storm drains will direct all this water safely away during high rainfall events.

storm drain cleaning and maintenance

Storm Drain Cleaning & Maintenance

Clogged drainage systems cause more harm than good. During flooding, large obstructions may be caught in the drain, backing them up and preventing them from doing their job. Other times drainage systems fail over time as elements wear down or lose effectiveness. If you have an existing drainage system that needs maintenance, repair, or cleaning Turner Asphalt can assist.

utilities maintenance

Utilities Maintenance

We are experienced in interacting with utilities like electricity, water, and septic systems. To the degree that your state and the local utilities allow, Turner Asphalt is often able to handle work around these already established systems to complete the work effectively. If not, we will cooperate with utility companies to complete the project according to regulations. We work across the southern Atlantic area and are familiar with state law and utilities in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee and Florida.

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