Concrete & Curbing

Turner Asphalt offers concrete as an ideal solution or substitute for use in areas requiring more strength than is provided by asphalt. There are benefits and drawbacks to both concrete and asphalt, but concrete is the right decision for many projects. If your project in the southeastern United States needs concrete, trust the experts at Turner Asphalt to complete your job quickly and without error.


Concrete is often used in driveways because of its longer-lasting and more durable qualities. There is a price advantage to asphalt, but it will need to be repaired more often than concrete. Home and business owners who want to pave it and then forget it, choose high-quality concrete for their driveways.


Because of the high-traffic nature of sidewalks, concrete is often the preferred choice for sidewalk projects. With a concrete base, the sidewalk will last for many, many years without as much upkeep or repair necessary. Turner Asphalt installs sidewalks for private and public projects all across the southeast.

Curbs & Gutters

These two are generally installed as one unit and concrete is usually the material of choice to provide a strong border for road projects. The concrete curb and gutter combination also creates a solid border for pavers to lay the road surface (usually asphalt) in between.

Dumpster Pads & Loading Docks

Both dumpster pads and loading docks should rely on concrete over other materials. There is a lot of traffic and high-impact work done in these spaces, so the strongest material (concrete) will serve this space the best. By choosing concrete you are installing extra strength from the start to help maintain the integrity of the project over time.

Stairs & Breezeways

Stairs and breezeways get a lot of foot traffic from people using them to pass through. Concrete is often the material of choice to ensure a strong, enduring walkway for these purposes.

Turner Asphalt is an experienced concrete installer operating across the southeast United States.

We complete high-quality concrete projects on budget and on time in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee.

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