Specialty Coating

In addition to the typical sealcoating used for roads, Turner Asphalt provides specialty coatings that seal other paved surfaces or seals them in specialized ways depending on the required uses for the road. The conditions in the areas we serve vary significantly from the cold winters of the Appalachian mountains to the constant heat and humidity of Florida. Our specialty coatings can provide for the needs of customers in these wide varieties of circumstances to keep your pavement looking great and staying strong for years to come.

specialty coatings for pavement

Types of Specialty Coatings

Specialty coatings protect a paved surface from both natural elements like the weather, and human impact from daily use. We can lay specialty coatings specifically designed to:

  • Withstand cold and the effects of freezing and unfreezing of moisture
  • Stand up to ultraviolet light and heat from warm, sunny environments
  • Resist scuffing and chipping from constant use on walkways
  • HoldĀ strong against drying and cracking of pavement in parking lots
specialty coatings for asphalt

Specialty Coatings on Different Types of Surfaces

Asphalt is given regular sealcoatings to prevent extensive damage, but other paving materials can and should be coated to extend their life and appearance. This includes specialty concrete coatings, as well as stone pavers, and brick pavers. These specialty coatings are not only for protection but also can be given different sheens and styles to achieve the look or style a customer prefers.

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Turner Asphalt is the premier paving contractor in the southeast for specialty coatings. If you’re located in the Carolinas, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, or Florida, give us a call at 877-887-6372 to learn about the various specialty coatings and other paving service options we have for our customers and how they may best work for your project.