Richmond has a lot to be proud of. It is the capital of a great state, it has a rich history dating back to the 1600s and it has world-class universities and industries that call it home. The close proximity to the nation’s capital and the beach has kept Richmond growing for many years and as more people turn to Richmond as an affordable place to live, the infrastructure of the city will need maintenance.

Turner Asphalt operates an office in the Richmond area where we serve the region’s paving needs. If you find yourself in need of paving maintenance or services, our local number is 804-229-0651 or, you can always call our main line at 877-887-6372.

Richmond, VA

Regional Office

9410 Burge Ave.
Richmond, VA 23237


(804) 229-0651

Paving Services

Turner Asphalt offers a number of paving services, including:

Markings & Coatings

Once a pavement job is complete, Turner then puts the finishing touches on the job by adding markings and coatings, including:

  • Sealcoating should be performed on asphalt every few years to prevent deterioration.
  • Specialty coating can add strength or specialized pavement options.
  • Pavement markings are added to comply with regulations or customer needs.


Turner Asphalt does not just manage new paving jobs. We also revisit older jobs, of our own and others, to repair damage and deterioration with services like:

Turner Asphalt provides these services and more to the greater Richmond, VA, area

Our Richmond office not only serves Richmond and the surrounding towns but also up into Northern Virginia and down towards the Tidewater (Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Suffolk and Williamsburg). For Virginia paving needs, call our Richmond office today at (804) 229-0651.