Asphalt Milling & Full-Depth Reclamation

Turner Asphalt has a number of tools at our disposal to repair failing pavement. Two of these are asphalt milling and full-depth reclamation. They are both environmentally friendly and cost-efficient ways of giving a paved area new life. Serving both residential and commercial/municipal clients, if you have a project in the Carolinas, Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee or Florida that may benefit from these processes, please get in touch with us today.

asphalt milling

Asphalt Milling

Milling is a great way to give some surfaces a fresh look and increased stability. Not every surface can be saved with this method, but if the underlying sub-grade is strong but the surface is showing signs of wear, the project is likely a candidate for milling.

The milling process involves large machinery which removes a pre-determined depth, leaving the levels below intact. The goal is to provide a proper plane so it can be resurfaced afterward. We provide this service for projects that include:

  • Road resurfacing preparation
  • Parking lots
  • Full or partial depth patching
  • Perimeter transitions to integrate new pavement with old

Turner Asphalt has a fleet of high-quality asphalt milling equipment and machines ready to be leased by the day, as well as trained staff to operate them.

full-depth reclamation

Full-Depth Reclamation

This is another environmentally and budget-friendly way of reworking a paved surface. Reclamation is appropriate when not only the surface but also the base course has been compromised.

The process does exactly what the name suggests — it reclaims the materials in the failed surface to reuse in setting down the new one. The asphalt and other materials are pulverized in specialized machinery and then mixed with other elements to harden them and turn it into the new base course. This is considered “green” because it recycles a lot of material and doesn’t require large trucks to haul in new materials and haul out old ones to the same degree. Of course, this also effectively lowers the overall cost of a resurfacing or paving project.

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