The number and variety of projects we work on at Turner Asphalt surprises even us. Our operations span six states across the southern Atlantic region of the United States. We serve major cities, suburbs, and rural areas across North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, and Florida. For a more detailed look at the kinds of projects that we perform in these areas, take a look at our list of services.

Markings & Coatings

Once a pavement job is complete, Turner then puts the finishing touches on the job by adding markings and coatings, including:


Turner Asphalt does not just manage new paving jobs. We also revisit older jobs, of our own and others, to repair damage and deterioration with services like:


To showcase some of these projects, we’ve set up an extensive gallery of photographs to help illustrate what the Turner team is doing at any point in time. These pictures are meant to help to enlighten prospective clients and showcase our ability to perform complex paving jobs. If you had a recent project with us and would like to be highlighted, let us know!