The number and variety of projects we work on at Turner Asphalt surprises even us. Our operations span six states across the southern Atlantic region of the United States. We serve major cities, suburbs, and rural areas across North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, and Florida. For a more detailed look at the kinds of projects that we perform in these areas, take a look at our list of services.

Hotel, Greensboro, NC

Mill & Pave
There comes a point in a parking lot lifespan where redoing the entire pavement surface makes more sense than repairs and sealcoating maintenance. In just two days, our team milled and repaved the parking lot, keeping half the lot and entrance open to guests each day. This is critical to all clients, ensuring that they can still operate as usual. Our team conducted traffic control to keep inconveniences for guests to an absolute minimum.

Private School, Raleigh, NC

Edge Mill, Chipseal & Overlay

The existing school parking lot at this school had been sealcoated multiple times and was still in good enough condition to overlay the existing asphalt. The chipseal process was utilized to prevent reflective cracking on the new asphalt surface.

Bank, Raleigh, NC

Mill & Pave, Concrete

This outparcel building at a busy Raleigh shopping center was upfitted to house a new bank tenant. The upfit included milling and paving of the drive lanes and parking spaces surrounding the bank and new concrete curb and sidewalk.

Homeowners Association, Bolivia, NC

Mill & Pave

About an hour south of Wilmington, this private coastal community needed repairs throughout the subdivision. Our team evaluated the biggest problem areas and repaired sections of asphalt throughout.

Apartment Community, Greensboro, NC

This phased sealcoating project was completed using sections throughout the parking lot so that
residents would still have continuous access to the parking lot and their home. Starting in the morning
and opening that same section in the evening, this entire complex was sealcoated and striped in four

Apartment Community, Durham, NC

Asphalt Patching
Repairing high-traffic areas of this apartment community helped preserve drive lanes throughout without having to repair the entire parking lot

Car Dealership, Southern Pines, NC

Utilities, Full Depth Reclamation and Paving

Adding a back parking lot to this dealership required utility installation, soil stabilization, concrete curbing and paving.

Solar Field Access Roads, Harrells, NC

Full Depth Reclamation

With over 640 acres of land planned for solar fields, the client needed access roads throughout to service and monitor the solar panels. The property was in a low-lying area and extremely wet, and called for a limestone treatment with our FDR process to dry and stabilize the soil and deliver strong, long-lasting roads.

Homeowners Association, Wilmington, NC

Mill & Pave

This coastal community, comprised of 1,500+ homes, requires annual repairs to streets throughout the subdivision. Our team completed milling and paving of numerous streets within the community in a three-day time span, all without road closures for residents.

City of Raleigh, Raleigh, NC

Full Depth Reclamation

A water main break on Glenwood Avenue just one week before Thanksgiving 2020 created a potential nightmare for the City of Raleigh, Crabtree Valley Mall and Thanksgiving travelers. Our emergency response team was able to mobilize equipment within hours to begin a non-stop soil stabilization project to open the road before the Thanksgiving holiday. This project required existing concrete excavation, soil stabilization as well as paving.

Exotic Car Dealership, Charlotte, NC


Preparing to be featured on a national TV show, this exotic car dealership needed their parking lot to be a strong, black contrast from the bright sports and luxury cars on their lot. This project included sealcoating the lot and reconfiguring the line striping layout to best portray their car collection for TV.

Research Institute, Raleigh, NC

Mill & Pave

This government research building used office closures from the pandemic to repair main roads throughout the campus.

Movie Filming Studio, Wilmington, NC

Full Depth Reclamation

A major filming site for Marvel’s Iron Man 3, this 50-acre film studio needed new drive lanes and parking lots across the campus. To keep Robert Downey Jr. and company as comfortable as possible, our team performed soil stabilization across the campus and paved new roads and parking stalls throughout.

Shopping Center, Charlotte, NC

Full Depth Reclamation

Shopping Center, Charlotte, NC, Full Depth ReclamationTo accompany a new Harris Teeter location in one of Charlotte’s busiest shopping centers, our team completed a phased soil stabilization project in front of the anchor tenant’s store.

Homeowners Association, Bolivia, NC

Phased Sealcoating

A large, private subdivision located about an hour south of Wilmington underwent one phase of a multi-year sealcoating project within the community. Working with the homeowner’s association to keep traffic moving throughout the subdivision, our team utilizes a multi-day approach where half of one road is sealcoated, while the other half remains open. Once the sealed portion has 24 hours to cure, it will be reopened while the other side of the street is sealed. This phase, completed in 2021, totaled 8 miles of roads throughout the community.