Patching Potholes & Repairs

Heavy rains and hot temperatures across our service areas (the Carolinas, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee and Florida) cause cracks and potholes to form. Without pothole repair to these signs of wear and tear, the pavement will turn into major problems, ruining a surface that is otherwise in good condition. Turner Asphalt repairs and patches potholes and other paved surfaces throughout the southeast.

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Why Potholes Form

  • Shifting ground:¬†One of the main causes of pothole formation is movement in the ground that the road is built on. As the ground shifts underneath the road, the stability is lost and cracks and holes emerge.
  • Wear and tear: A surface like asphalt is meant to stand up to repeated stress from heavy vehicles consistently passing over. All surfaces have their limit though, and after some time this impact compounds and contributes to pothole formation.
  • Water infiltration:¬†Another main source of potholes is when a small crack allows water in, which then widens and lengthens. This crack gradually weakens surrounding pavement and a hole forms as water carries away disintegrating material.
asphalt pothole repair

Fix as Soon as a Pothole is Noticed

Because these holes start off small and quickly affect everything around them, the quicker they are identified and patched, the less damage they will inflict. It is not uncommon for a pothole or two, when left unpatched, to spread and create a costly repair job on a surface that was previously in relatively good shape.

The best time to identify potholes in a surface is after a hard rain. Rain can loosen the ground underneath and around a surface, causing the previously mentioned ground shift problem. It can also enter small cracks at this time and widen them. Rain will make these problems more visible, too. Look for standing water in lower areas that are likely to become affected.

pothole patching

Quick & Effective Pothole Patching and Pavement Repair

Patching a pothole can be done well in a more permanent fashion with full-depth and deep patches, but many DIY pothole repairs or shallower patches are only a temporary solution and the problem will likely repeat in the same place.

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Hire Turner Asphalt to address asphalt pothole repairs and other pavement repairs immediately and we will fully patch the area. Customers in the Carolinas, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, and Florida should call 877-887-6372 to report potholes in need of patching.